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There's obviously some surprises coming, which I can't say too much about, but I do remember thinking that the way we shot the end of the episode is certainly going to surprise some people.While Robin has been away in New York and trying to adjust to life in the Big Apple, do you think he has been missing Regina? I mean the way that it's written, and what I know from where we've gone with it, I think Robin has always been in love with Regina, pretty much from when he first met her. Two 5,000-year-old skeletons found locked in an embrace near the city where Shakespeare set the star-crossed tale "Romeo and Juliet" have sparked theories the remains of a far more ancient love story have been found.Archaeologists unearthed the skeletons dating back to the late Neolithic period outside Mantua, 25 miles south of Verona, the city of Shakespeare's story of doomed love.The two bodies, which cuddle closely while facing each other on their sides, were probably buried at the same time, an indication of a possible sudden and tragic death, Bondioli said.'s fan favorite Sean Maguire on our screens as the infamous Robin Hood, and now we’re just six days away from his magical return in this Sunday's all-new episode.Is this only going to show Robin in flashback form or can we look forward to seeing Robin in present-day as well? It's been a lot of while since we filmed this one, but I think a lot of the episode has to do with the flashback and to see where Robin came from.Back in the other world, we'll see Robin and Marian have gone to New York since leaving Storybrooke, so yes there's a bit of both.

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We sort of find out a little bit about how he came to become an outlaw, and why he is the way he is – certainly in regards to his code of honor and things like that.

"Double burials from the Neolithic are unheard of, and these are even hugging." Archaeologists digging in the region have found some 30 burial sites, all single, as well as the remains of prosperous villages filled with artifacts made of flint, pottery and animal horns.

Although the Mantua pair strike an unusual and touching pose, archaeologists have found other prehistoric burials in which the dead hold hands or have other contact, said Luca Bondioli, an anthropologist at Rome's National Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum.

What can fans look forward to seeing form Robin Hood in Sunday's all-new episode?

SM: There's a lot going into the back-story of how Robin kind of came to be Robin Hood, as opposed to Robin of Loxley.

The finds will then go on display at Mantua's Archaeological Museum.

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